Sunday Evening Prog

Here’s another band that tries to sound like the Prog-Rockers did in the 70ies… and succeeds! From British Columbia, Canada, comes Redrick Sultan. There’s not much to find out about the band either on their MySpace or on the Official Homepage, but guessing from the pics on MySpace, these lads are quite young. Either that, or it’s old photos! Anyway, listening to Redrick Sultan‘s music really feels like a time travel (not that I know how that feels, mind you!). If you’re into that classic Prog-Rock-stuff, you should definitely check those guys out.
Special Ned (MP3)
Yeti Races (MP3)
The Fish You Can’t Find (MP3)
Giraffe Food (MP3)

I’m gonna pour myself a nice glass of Single Malt now and watch the first part of that fabulous 1994 Pink Floyd-concert on DVD. If you want a taster of that, too (the concert, not the Whisky!), just click the link down there:

5:30 minutes of bliss!

Have a good start into the new week! 🙂


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