Surfing Around…

Aenima is one of my newest MySpace-Friends. And I think it’s the first band from Portugal that has befriended me. Their music is a mix of Ambient, a bit of Goth and a bit of Prog. Pretty special, but also pretty good. Singer Susana has a very fine, almost opera-like voice which reminds me a bit of the singers from Evanescence or Nightwish. Make sure you visit the wonderful, Tim Burton-esque official homepage (more MP3’s there as well)!
Rapture (MP3)

Next up are The Falling Leaves from the UK. Their powerpop/shoegaze is really appealing. Bit of a boring official homepage, but who needs all the fancy fuzz when the music is that good?
The Fallen Leaves (MP3, Instrumental)
Seventeen (MP3, Demo)
The Night Brigade (MP3, Demo Instrumental)

There’s a new song to download from Art-Proggers Bubblemath! Get the fantastic Cells Out via MySpace!
Cells Out (MP3)

Yet another wonderful song from those lovely Swedes, the Moonbabies! I must admit that it’s not what you’re used from them, with all that electronica (M83, anyone?). But it’s kinda cool anyway!
Ghost Of Love (MP3)

UKs mellow-alternative-band the Engineers have put up a B-Side from their single Forgiveness on their MySpace. Cats Of Justice is just as beautiful as those great songs from their debut album. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself then!!!
Cats Of Justice (MP3)
Home (MP3)
Waved On (MP3)
New Horizons (MP3)

You can now download two radio recordings from New Zealand’s Dark Beaks.
Eyes To The Ground (MP3, Live)
Roll Along (MP3)

Norway’s Beezewax are two pop heroes who know how to write some catchy tunes! I’m still trying to get hold of one of their older albums, but I’ve now discovered that they have released one last year. Here’s a great song from Who To Salute!
The Cosmonaut (MP3)
and this wonderful song from Oh Tahoe:
The Brighton Concorde (MP3)
and one from South Of Boredom:
God Knows Where You Are (MP3)
and one that has only been released in Norway so far…
Need To Get Back To You

Just a nice song:
The Hit Parade – Queen Of Mousehole

Danish band Cinnober offers another piece of work as well. Clockwise it is called, and singer Julie never sounded as much as Björk like on this one! Great stuff!
Clockwise (MP3)
also recommended:
Armies Of Disdain (MP3)
Green Concord (MP3)


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