Sunday Roundup

Gazer is an alternative-rock band from a small town in Arkansas and offer some good songs on their MySpace. Sounds a bit like Collective Soul or The Dandy Warhols to me.
All I Want (MP3)
Degeneration (MP3)
Ready To Go (MP3)
Love Drug (MP3)

Morten is back from his holiday, and I’m looking forward to his posts again… once he’s worked his way through all the new music that has popped up in the blogosphere during the last two weeks! Have fun with that, pal, and welcome back! 😉
In the meantime, read the first guest post on his blog from Rodolfo.

Watch a live video for my favourite Midlake song, Head Home. The sound quality is a bit poor, but the song’s still great!

After almost 12 years and many many many many many many deferred release dates, I can finally relive the best concert I have ever seen in my life. PULSE has been released on DVD!!!

The Radar Brothers were recommended to me because I’ve been known as a Pink Floyd-lover. So I checked them out and yes, their sound really does appeal to me. The L.A. band has been playing together for over 10 years now, and I think it’s funny that I have never heard of them before. They already have released 4 albums, and I guess one or the other will soon be mine! Highly recommended!
Radar Bros @ Epitonic (download Sister and Open Ocean Sailing here)
Papillon (Video on YouTube)


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