This ‘n That

The MySpace-Downloads seem to work again… so visit these artist’s sites and get the songs!

the band members of Bubblemath were born between 1971 and 1979, just as the first wave of progressive rock swashed over the music world. And it looks like those lads have been fed with progrock-mother’s milk! This is an excellent trip into the past, and everyone who is into the genre MUST check this band out! And the others are of course encouraged to do so as well! Brilliant stuff!
Miscreant Citizen (MP3)
Be Together (MP3)
TV Paid Off (MP3)

Here’s a link to a ton more MP3s… demos, clips and live stuff! Enjoy!!!

we’ll stick to the genre and visit Germany’s Sylvan. This is a band that I really have neglected so far, but I think it’s time to change that! They have just released a new concept-album which got very good critics so far. Guess this will be my entry into the world of this band! (Clips from every song of the new album)

The Dark Beaks
let’s go to New Zealand now and listen to The Dark Beaks. Here’s an excellent mix of indie rock, folk and a hint of Prog. Very, very good songs from one of the most beautiful places on earth!!!

Download an exclusive, instrumental version of The Format‘s song I’m Actual here: ZIP (thanks to

Canadian band Pilate is no longer called Pilate, due to some possible legal trouble in the US. The band’s new name is Pilot Speed, which is fine with me. But then… they’d probably changed their name anyway even if I didn’t like it… 🙂

The Fatales
are from the US of A and have a nice blend of pop and indie with a touch of electronic. Voice-wise I’m very much reminded of Paul Buchanan from The Blue Nile. There are some newer songs to download, but… MySpace! 😦 Streaming works though, and is highly recommended! Definitely check out those older songs here!
Cosmonaut (MP3)
Ministry Of Defense
You’re Not The Lunar Type (MP3)

The Tarka Groove Experiment
is a pretty special band. They play retro-rock, but somehow it feels very different from all the other retro-bands that popped up lately. Influences could be The Doors, Reef, CCR, James Brown, Ben Harper, The Music, Deep Purple… you can’t be sure really. But it’s a very appealing mix as you can hear on iSound!
Get On Down (MOV, very hippie-esque… and excellent!)

Head over to It’s A Trap and listen to that Finnish tango, sung by Cardigans-darling Nina Persson… WOW!!!

And that’s that… back on Sunday! 🙂


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