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Archive – Lights

It took me quite some time before I’ve bought the latest Archive offering. It might have been the aftermath of that rather disappointing concert last year or just that the new songs I’ve heard so far didn’t really do it for me. But then I heard the title track, and this one did the trick (it runs just a bit over 18 minutes… no chance to resist!). But what about the rest?

Well, I have to admit that I haven’t quite found my way into the album yet. Lights may be an excellent track (nowhere near Again, though!) and the centre point of the album, but I haven’t heard another song that I immediately fell in love with… yet. What I’ve always loved about Archive were the slower, more spherical songs. Yes, there is Taste Of Blood and Fold and Headlights, but those slower ones are outnumbered by more uptempo songs. Mind you, those ones are ok, too, and I can sense that I might grow to like them, but at the moment, it just is an average album for me. I’ll see if Lights will stand the test of time; I’ll certainly not give up on it yet, because I’ve learned before that those Archive works may reveal their beauty in time… just like a good red wine does. Cheers, then!
System (Vid on ifilm, pretty cool!)

Leya – Watch You Don’t Take Off

I came across Leya a few months ago when I first heard their song All On The Black. “Now here’s a Muse-soundalike” were my first thoughts. Well, I liked the song, heard some more and forgot about them. Now I have to say it again that good music wants to be found, and so those songs suddenly popped up again, various blogs wrote about the band, and my interest was sparked again. And all that ended up in me owning the CD now. 🙂

There are still some references to Muse on the album, mostly coming from singer Ciaran Gribbin‘s voice, but all in all it’s rather a pop-rock affair than an art-rock thing. And that’s good. Leya don’t have to sound like Muse (who needs that anyway?) because they have enough talent on their hands to create some great songs in their own rights. There’s enough drama and melancholy in this offering to satisfy everyone’s need, but still Leya don’t forget to add a certain catchiness to their songs. You will get lots of piano and string sections, but also enough guitars to keep the rock fan happy.

It’s probably best you listen to Leya for yourself. The music speaks for itself. And also give them a shout on MySpace!
The Dream The Money Bought (MP3)

iLiKETRAiNS – Progress Reform

Here’s a warning: if you’re planning to go out and have fun, do NOT listen to this album before!!! If you have some time left before meeting your girl/boyfriend for a romantic evening, AVOID this album!!! Yes, it’s pretty depressing, and it can turn your high-flying mood into a dark place you wouldn’t want to visit!

But Boy… this mini-album is good!!! It’s big and monstrous, it’s wide-screen film noir-music, it’s a lament to sink into and keep falling and falling! You will be captured by David Martin‘s commanding voice, and you will be led into the dark corners of music. No, this is not an album for happy souls! By the last notes of the Beeching Report‘s fabulous chorus, you will feel relieved that this trip has ended… but you will hit that play button again and again and again, because there is so much beauty in these 35 minutes of Progress Reform.

iLiKETRAiNS have delivered another evidence that Leeds is Britain’s musical epicentre of the moment; this EP is the first stepping stone of a grand band in the making… more, please!
The Beeching Report
A Rook House For Bobby
A Rook House For Bobby
(MOV-Video… highly Recommended!!!)


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