The Best Of The Blogs

I’m too lazy (and too busy!) to write my own stuff tonight, so instead I’m giving you a potpourri of what’s going on in the blogosphere…

Schallgrenzen recommends Emily June, and so do I!

Plague Of Angels raves about The Format and thinks it’s the best album of 2006 so far. Those songs there are quite good, so he might be right… go check them out!

Find four songs by the eversolovely Boy Least Likely To on MP3Blog

Noise For Toaster has some noise from Psapp… nice one!

Stereogum has a new Of Montreal-track (posted just on the day I’ve decided to spend my next holiday in Canada! 🙂 )

Goldenfiddle posts that great B-Side from Keane, Let It Slide.

Nice to hear Damien Rice’s Blower’s Daughter again… thanks for that, fansite of the month!

Two non-album-tracks by Midlake, offered at Swoon’s place!

Find The Waterford Landing and their two songs at the Clear Coast.

… and just in case you didn’t know already: a stream of the whole new Muse-album is up there on Myspace!

As soon as I have some more time on my hands, I’ll let you know my thoughts on the latest albums by Archive and Leya… stay tuned!


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