Monday Shorts

Jim Noir sees himself on the same wavelength as Shack, and after listening to his songs, I quite agree to that. His upcoming single Eanie Meany (If You Don’t Give My Football Back) really hints at the Shack boys, and the other snippets on his homepage are quite appealing, too. Hear for yourself!
Official Site
Key Of C (MP3)
The Philosopher (MP3)
(visit Gorilla Vs. Bear for the single and a quite catchy remix of My Patch)

You can now dowload the quite good single Yield by The Entrusted, due to a lazy record company not wanting to release it in time… thanks for that! 🙂
Yield (MP3)

naValis is a Prog/Experimental rockband from Philadelphia who contacted me today. It’s a pretty good mix that should not only appeal to Prog-Rockers; try the piano-driven I Don’t Care, available on MySpace.
I Don’t Care (MP3)

Abigail’s Ghost is another Prog-Band, and sounds damn good! Their song Mother May I reminds me very much of Porcupine Tree, and that is always a good thing! Also listen to that live Drum Solo… quite amazing! Debut album should be out somewhen by the end of this year; I’ll definitely keep them in mind!
Official Site
Mother May I (Reprise) (MP3)
Seth Davis Drum Solo (MP3)

Now down to Australia we go. The Sunpilots call Sydney their home, and their poetic rock is quite successful Down Under. And I have to agree, the two songs here are really good. There’s more to listen to on the Official Site.
Official Site
Medicated Shell (MP3)
Spotlight In The Sun (MP3)

The Artifical Sea is an Electronic-Indie-act with a female singer. Hints of Portishead in there. Check them out if you’re into that kind of music.
Outpost (MP3)

Finally, another New York band… welcome The Streamers. AlternRock with a Classic-Rock-touch. Pretty good stuff!
Official Site
This Is Not Material World (MP3)
Utopia (MP3)


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