I’m In Love!

A few weeks ago, I’ve bought myself a Squeezebox, and I really fell in love with this great gadget. For those of you who don’t know it: with a Squeezebox, you can stream not only internet radio stations to your audio system, but you can also bring all your MP3s from the PC into the living room (or wherever you put up your box). And those are only the main features; the thing also handles neighbourhood radio from Last.FM, and works with Pandora, meaning it lets you discover lots and lots of music just by letting it play. Since I’ve installed it, I always need to have a pen and paper ready! And it’s simple and sleek design is just adorable… this thing really is a gem!

So yesterday, while listening to Flashback Alternatives, some great songs were played that I haven’t heard before, but immediately stuck. First one is from Peter Godwin and is called Images Of Heaven. Godwin has released a few albums back in the 80ies, first with a mate as a band called Metro, and after that he went solo. Images Of Heaven is a classic 80ies-Synthie-tune, but a very good one! It reminded me of Gary Numan, himself another 80ies-icon. Apparently, Godwin has had another hit with Baby’s In The Mountains, of which you can watch the video on MyTube. There’s also a very cheesy video for Images Of Heaven there, but hey… those were the 80ies! 🙂
Images Of Heaven (MP3)
Images Of Heaven (Video on MyTube)
Baby’s In The Mountains (Video On MyTube)

Next up is Love & Rockets. Now I’ve heard about this band before, but never actually (or knowingly) heard a song by them. So Flashback Alternatives played Saudade today and I really liked that one. Love And Rockets were formed in 1985 by former members of Bauhaus, and they had a hit in the US with So Alive. I have only found a stream of Saudade on MySpace, but that’s better than nothing. Anyone know a bit more about the band?

After Duran Duran (Girls On Film Remix) and New Order (World), it was clear that I was in the midst of an 80ies-Revival-show. And so it was no surprise that Gary Numan himself was up next. Now I don’t know many songs by him (shame on me), but I think that Are Friends Electric? is one of the best synthie tunes ever written. The song on the Squeezebox was Photographs, and it’s an excellent one! Sadly, I couldn’t find it somewhere on the Net, and also no Electric Friends. But I’ve found Complex which is another pretty good tune!
Complex (MP3)

It was Ultravox‘ wonderful Vienna afterwards, and then it got more electronic with German cult-band Kraftwerk. I remember how fascinated I was when I saw the video for We Are The Robots for the first time, and I still own the vinyl single for The Model, which must be my favourite tune from Kraftwerk. Yesterday, a remix from their Tour De France-album was played; it was ok, but if I had to choose, I prefer the older stuff. Here’s some goodies:
Wir Sind Die Roboter (MP3)
We Are The Robots (Video On MyTube)
The Model (Video On MyTube)

That’s about it for now with my Squeezebox-Adventures. I guess there will be more of that in the future as there’s so much more to discover. And it looks like I need to ask my boss for a wage increase!


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