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This unsigned Manchester act has been mentioned here before. Back then, they reminded me a lot of the Killers. There are now 4 new songs on MySpace (unfortunately streams only), and I have to admit that the Killers-feeling is gone. Inhaler are still doing Electronic-Rock, but somehow the new songs are more catchy and melodic. All four of them are really great though, I think, and singer Christian Burns has a very fine voice (apparently, he was in a band called BBMakremember them?). There’s hardly any information on the band, and the two songs that I mentioned in my first post are gone now. But that shouldn’t stop you from listening to the new songs… you might be missing the next big thing!

Hotel Lights

The Hotel Lights hail from North Carolina, and do a nice mix of Folk and Indie. Similar to my new favourites Midlake, they transport a mellow and relaxed feeling, best shown in songs like A.M. Slow Golden Hit or You Come And I Go. Definitely worth listening to! Sounds like another great band for those campfire evenings!
Official Site
You Come And I Go (MP3)
A.M. Slow Golden Hit (MP3)
Small Town Shit (MP3)
Follow Through (MP3)

The Whetherkings?

Another unsigned band, based in London. Very pleasing songs, sort of laid-back indie-pop. The band so far has only 16 (now 17! 🙂 ) MySpace-friends, so go ahead and spread the word!
Still (MP3)
London Days (MP3) (recommended!)
Wait For You (MP3)
Fall Down (MP3)

The Long Blondes

A Sheffield outfit, fronted by a not-so-long and definitely not blonde songstress! Some influences from the 60ies pop up in their indie-rock, and the voice sometimes reminds me of Gwen Stefani (from the time back when she sang!). Polly is especially nice! Check them out.
Official Site
Polly (MP3)
Giddy Stratosphere (MP3)
Big Infatuation (MP3)

Beta Satan

After reading my post about Tigers, Mogens from Danish band Tiger Tunes contacted me yesterday and told me about a side project of some of the band members. It’s called Beta Satan, and it’s “bigger balls, less foolishness” than TT. They have released two songs on their Myspace… hard to describe, best listen for yourself. Up To No Good has definitely something to it… and it’s definitely not Tiger Tunes!
Official Site (great design!)

Up To No Good (MP3)
O’s Wasted Dreams (MP3)


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