Things To Look Forward To

I’ve just received a message from Left, the new album by Hope Of The States, has been sent out to me. Their debut The Lost Riots was one of my favourites in 2004, and if the new one can keep the promise of first single Sing It Out, Left could turn out as another masterpiece.
Official Site
MySpace (stream Sing It Out here)
Me Ves Y Sufres (MP3, from The Lost Riots)

Progress Reform by Leed’s “most exciting new band” iLiKETRAiNS, will be released next Monday and has already been preordered a few weeks ago. Another album I’m very curious to hear; although the hot summer weather might not be that appropriate for sounds like these. Well, there’s always a risk of a thunderstorm, and then, Progress Reform could turn out as the perfect soundtrack!
Official Site

After hearing several new songs by Muse, I’m quite keen on getting my hands on Black Holes And Revelations. They took another step into a different direction, but manage to maintain their unmistakable Muse-sound. I’m also growing on Supermassive Black Hole (which can’t be said about the cover…).
Official Site
City Of Delusion (MP3)

Vib Gyor‘s first single Fallen will be released soon. I hope it will get the attention it deserves, and they’ll let follow an album soon. With heaps of great songs already in stock, this shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!
Official Site
Ultimatum (MP3)
The Secret (MP3)
Red Lights (MP3)

The Cooper Temple Clause have released another song, but this time it’s not a new one. It’s a live-recording from Talking To A Brick Wall (from their second album Kick Up The Fire and Let The Flames Break Loose). No real news on a release date for the new album, but it should arrive soon enough. Let’s hope it’s any good!
Official Site
Talking To A Brick Wall (Live)
Blind Pilots (MP3, from KUTFALTFBL)


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