Friday Night Live

Actually, I was planning to put up my new CD rack and re-sort my collection, but as several pieces of that rack weren’t included in the package, I had to postpone that. Which now gives me some time to take another trip through the net and see what’s around.

Morten just posted that fabulous song by Australia’s Icehouse. Crazy is still terrific, even after all those years. And I’m gonna post the title track from that brilliant album… there you go!
Icehouse – Man Of Colours (MP3)

Got a new MySpace-Friend called B.J. Cunningham. He’s from Scotland, and he gives us acoustic guitar songs which would fit perfectly into a movie. Here’s three instrumental ones:
Sunrise (MP3)
Just Between Us (MP3)
A Last Farewell (MP3)

Want to see a very disturbing homepage? Then check out the official site of American band Atom Spies! As interresting their music might be (it’s a mix of electronica, alternative and experimental), they should fire their page designer! If you don’t dare to visit it, you can still check out their MySpace. And definitely get some of the songs here or… well, on the official site! 😀
Every Little Thing (MP3)
Dorsal Appendage (MP3)

Jack Forde Et Les Planchers is quite an unusual name… even for a German band! They’re “Europe’s Newest Hit Makers“… at least it says on their MySpace. Actually, the songs have some charm, but if that’s enough for a hit, remains to be seen…
Morphine Watch (MP3) (old-school-videogamers will like this one!)
Love Song For My Guru (MP3)
She’s Got A Habit (MP3)
Precious Thing (MP3)

New addition to my blogroll: Schallgrenzen, a German music blog. Peter, the blogger, has his own 2-hour-radioshow where he plays Alternative and Progressive rock. If his show is as good as the stuff he presents on his blog, I won’t be disappointed. The show airs every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10 to 12 pm on Radio Tonkuhle. I’ll definitely tune in next Wednesday! Find the link to the stream below.
Radio Tonkuhle

Whilst looking for that Icehouse song, I came across another one of my favourite 80ies tunes. The Adventures had a few minor hits, but my favourite has always been Broken Land. And like Crazy, I still like it very much! (couldn’t find an MP3, but you can listen to it here).

And finally, here‘s a pretty cool flash animation!

Good night, bloggers! 🙂


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