As Promised…

Midlake – The Trials Of Van Occupanther

Imagine a car, preferably an open convertible. Now imagine an endless landscape, cliffs and a view to the open sea on one side, vast plains on the other, high mountains in the distance, Now picture yourself in this car, driving down a winding road along that coast, wind in your hair. Got it? All that’s missing now is the soundtrack for this trip. Enter Midlake.

When I first listened to The Trials Of Van Occupanther, I felt the sudden need of cruising through the world, sucking in scenery and forget about the everyday life for a while. These songs sound as if the early 70s glimpse into the present and remind us of the good old times when Fleetwood Mac, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young and the Beach Boys ruled the charts. Midlake‘s second album really is a retro-album, with its roots deep down in the 70s. But I get the feeling that this one here will entertain me so much longer than many of those other recently released old-is-the-new-new stuff.

Even if you’re not an avid fan of 70s-sounds, I do recommend that you give Midlake a chance. Those Texan lads have created a timeless and wonderful record here, and I think The Trials Of Van Occupanther is a serious candidate for my years-end-toplist!
Head Home
(MP3) (highly recommended!)
Young Bride
Roscoe (MP3)

EF – Give Me Beauty… Or Give Me Death!

Change of scenery. We’re switching from our convertible into an isolated hut somewhere up north. There’s a harsh wind outside, and we’re happy to sit inside this shelter, a crackling fire going. It is just when the Northern Lights begin their majestic show in the sky that the first notes of EF‘s debut album start playing.

Yep, here it is again. The depressing beauty that has become a trademark for many Scandinavian bands. Sweden’s EF is no exception. Their sound creates a gloomy, yet positive melancholy, and takes you on a fabulous journey through a magical musicland. You’ll have to bring some time and attention though. Give Me Beauty… Or Give Me Death! is not an album for easy listeners. But if you’re willing to travel with EF, you’re in for a treat. The album’s not short of epic and beautiful melodies, and with three songs clocking in at over 10 minutes, there’s also enough to discover for any long-song-lover. If you like Sigúr Ros, Múm or the likes, you’ll love EF. You won’t regret taking this journey!
What If I Took The Wrong Turn (MP3)
Tomorrow My Friend… (MP3)
…We’ll Meet In The End (MP3)


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