Tuesday Ramblings

Canadians The Picture offer some more songs from their rather good debut album Connect on their homepage. Here are my recommendations, but also check out the rest!
Rise (MP3)
Patterns (MP3)

The Raveonettes are currently working on a new album, and they put up demo after demo on their myspace site. So far it looks like it’s going to be another great release. Make sure you listen to Berlin Junk… it’s pretty cool!

Morten has done it, Peter has done it, and I’m doing it now! Listen to those fab songs from Danish band The Lukewarm! Eeeeeexcellent stuff indeed!!!
Black Room (MP3)
Slowfast Fastslow (MP3)
We Are Still Here (MP3)
Spreading Dirt (MP3)

The Camera As Pen has a nice article about the Faunts. Check out their songs if you haven’t already done so!

Noise For Toaster offers some more songs from Chicago’s most wanted unsigned band Office. Go get ’em!

Epitonic is up and running again with a new design and still lots of free MP3s. Definitely worth a visit!


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