Look Who’s Here…

Hey, you new guys… introduce yourselves!!!

Hello, my name is Under The Iron Sea. I’m the youngest child of the Keane family. You might already know my older brother, Hopes And Fears. He was very popular a few years ago, so a lot of people expect me to be the same. But I’m not! Well, not completely, anyway. I still have those nice and catchy upbeat-songs to sing along to, and I can also give you some epic ballads… just ask me about Try Again or the Hamburg Song. But there’s also a darker and deeper side to me. Loose yourself in the Atlantic, and you’ll know what I mean. And I’m trying to introduce guitar-like synthie sounds as well… my brother didn’t like those very much. But then I never intended to sound like my brother anyway, which I think is a good thing. I might not yet have found the direction I want to go to, but I think I’ve turned out quite ok. Best listen to me for a while, and I guess you might begin to really like me!

Hi everybody, I’m Sol29. No, I’m not from another planet, although I might sound like that from time to time. I have Italian roots; my dad is called Giancarlo Erra, but you might know him as Nosound. Never knew my mother. But I know a few of my relatives, and you might have heard from them, too. They’re called Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, Anathema and Antimatter. Rings a bell? Well, if you like their music, chances are good that you will love what I sound like! I’m not the one for big, loud parties or those headbanger festivals. No, I prefer a quiet atmosphere, maybe a glass of fine, red wine, and if you’re in the right mood, I might just take you to outer space. I will not be much joy if you don’t bring some time to play with me, but I will reward you with my creativity if you do so. You will soon discover that I’m very artistic, and although you’ll be reminded of my relatives quite a few times, you will still know that it’s me all the way. I can offer you a small glimpse of me here, and if you want to know more, come visit me at my home anytime you like!
The Red Song

Hey, I Kicked The Dog! Yes, I’m that bad! I’m not your average, friendly kid from next door, oh no! I come in many different shapes, and I’m larger than life. I’m the oldest of three brothers from the Salem family. I can’t tell you much about my youngest brother, From The Riverbank, but if you’ve already met our middle one, The Anatomy Of Pain, you can guess what you have to expect from me. I love the movies and musical theatres, and you can hear that on every note. I’m not made for mainstream, and you probably won’t hear me at your local disco. But I will give you many great moments, and will make you see movies in your mind, and you certainly will feel tempted to go out and sing my songs to the whole world. Yes, I’m big and bold, and you just HAVE to love me. If not, I’ll kick you next time instead of the dog!
Spiders In Salem (MP3)
I Love The Avenue (MP3)

I’m just the Love Revolution. Nothing less, nothing more. I’m a pretty straight-forward act. My parents, the All Mighty Whispers, have released me into the wild just this February. I’m British, although I sometimes do sound like I’ve spent too much time in an American College. Not that this is a bad thing; it makes my songs more international. And to be honest, my soft-rock songs don’t know any boundaries. I might appeal to a more adult crowd though; the indie kids will probably think that I’m not interesting enough. But I’m proud to be a very mature and contemporary offering. If you’re looking for intelligent and well-crafted music, I certainly won’t disappoint you. Promise!
Love Revolution (MP3)
Mighty Whisper (MP3)

Thanks to all of you and welcome to my family. Hope you’ll stick around for a while!


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