Two For You

Musicisnotdead had a post yesterday about British band Ripchord. Now I remembered that I have downloaded two tracks of a band called Ripchord back in May 2005. I really liked those songs, and I was quite happy to see that the band has released new material. Only when I did a little research, I found out that there are two bands called Ripchord! And once I listened to the new songs, the difference was quite obvious. The older Ripchord sounded heavier, almost like Muse, whilst the new ones are clearly based in the Brit-Pop-Retro-section.
Funny enough that finally, summer has arrived here, and those songs really add perfectly to that summer feeling. They sound young, wild and quirky, somewhat retro but nonetheless very fresh and catchy as hell. If you don’t tap along to Lock Up Your Daughters, you’re either deaf or already dead! And those generous lads offer their songs for free… so head over there and get happy!
Official Site
Lock Up Your Daughters (And Throw Away The Key) (MP3)
Terrible Thing (MP3)
The Thing Next Door (MP3)
Treasure Maps (MP3)
Shoot You Down (MP3)
Just Another Bad Day (MP3)

… and if you’re interested in the “other” Ripchord songs, they’re still available for free as well. And they’re not too bad at all!
Be Safe (MP3)
The Quibble (MP3)

Another new British act are the Chevrons. They play indie-rock with a rockabilly-touch. Don’t expect anything groundbreaking here, it all sounds a bit too familiar. But maybe that was the band’s intention anyway: creating straight-forward rock songs for those indie dancefloors. The songs are good, but I don’t think they’ll last all too long. Well, you decide for yourself!
Official Site
Mixed Opinion (MP3)
Worth A Try (MP3)
Healed (MP3)
Last Real Chance We’ll Ever Have (MP3) (first one to tell me where they’ve nicked that intro from gets a honorable mention here!) 🙂

One More:

Two new songs from The Cooper Temple Clause now available on their homepage. Only demos/rehearsal though, but we take everything we get!
Waiting Game (ZIP)
Head (ZIP)


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