Bits And Bobs

New MySpace Friends:

My Waiting Gold

Brighton-based Indie-Rock-band. Existing since summer ’05. Listen to the quite good Inside Out and the rather average Just No Good.
Official Site

Inside Out (MP3)
Just No Good (MP3)


Swiss band creating nice and relaxed soundscapes. Will write more about them in my next Swiss Special.
Official Site

In The 50s (MP3)
Chloroform (MP3)

The Box Social

from Milwaukee, US of A. Rock-Garage-Pop in quite a catchy way. Not too sure about the voice, but it fits the songs. Listen for yourself!
Official Site

Scary Dream (MP3)
Brontosaurus Blues (MP3)
Hold The Phones (Acoustic) (MP3)

The Irony

Scottish 4-piece playing melodic modern retro-rock. Lately I Been Thinking reminds me of older mellow acts like The Moody Blues. Beautiful song. Lots more to get on the official site.
Official Site
Lately I’ve Been Thinking (MP3)
Sense Of Suffering (MP3)


is another great act from Denmark. Melancholic indie rock with a great voice. A mix of iLiKETRAiNS and Johnny Cash came to my mind. Definitely worth checking out!
Official Site

For Heaven’s Sake (MP3)
New York (MP3)
Passengers (MP3)
Where Both Worlds Never Met (MP3)

In Other News:

Visit The Music Slut for two new songs from Keane. The band has also revamped their official page, and it’s quite fun to play around with the new artwork!
Keane Official

Le Concorde offers the very very good single People Mover now as a free download on MySpace. Make haste and get it as long as it’s there! And don’t forget Sound Of Your Name!
People Mover (MP3)
Sound Of Your Name (MP3)

Seems like more bands are getting generous. Visit the Engineers‘ MySpace-site for a free download of Waved On, taken from their excellent debut album.
Waved On (MP3)

Happy Birthday, molotov! (better late than never! 😉 )

The Gorilla and The Bear discover the Zookeeper’s Boy … as I said before, better late than never! 😉

No more medicine to take… it’s all green lights from now on!

has the new Razorlight song. Yes… hmmm… ok then…

Bradley’s Almanac
has a whole new concert for you Radioheads!

Mars Need Guitars
gazes at his shoes…

Shirt of the day:

…and of course I can’t let this day pass without at least one themed song:

Iron Maiden – Number Of The Beast (MP3)


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