The Return Of Britpop

The Upper Room – Other People’s Problems

When I first heard All Over This Town a few months ago, I immediately knew that this is a fantastic tune in best Britpop-manner. One after another, new songs, demos and accoustic versions popped up on the net, and each one was as good as the other. Expectations for the debut album kept on increasing, and finally today, Other People’s Problems arrived at my humble home. High expectations… fulfilled?

Opening the album are afore-mentionned All Over This Town and the equally brilliant Black And White, and both songs set the mark for the rest of the album really. The Upper Room present one catchy pop song after another, and you will be able to sing along to most of them after the first spin. Now one could say that sounds boring, and for someone expecting “head music”, it probably will be. But if you just want to be entertained by well-crafted pop music, you will like this album. I can imagine playing those tunes at summer parties (no comments about summer… see post below!) or other outdoor activities. People humming along to songs like Kill Kill Kill, Portrait or It Began On Radio could become a common sight in indie discos, and I guess I could easily convince some of my friends to buy this album.

So, my expectations were fulfilled; I wonder what impact Other People’s Problems will have in Great Britain. The critics aren’t too good so far; most of the indie sites hate it because of its undenieable lack of diversity, but I get the feeling that they have expected too much (or something completely different!) from The Upper Room. But forget about Other People’s Opinions and give Other People’s Problems a try… you might find the same happy feeling from back when you first heard Keane‘s Hopes & Fears!

Official Site
Kill Kill Kill (MP3
Girl (MP3


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