Swiss Special

If you’re not willing to dig deeper, there’s not too much to discover in the Swiss music scene. Radio stations always play the same stuff by the same bands, and there’s practically no TV coverage of lesser-known bands. So last night, I tried my luck with the music search on MySpace, and I was quite surprised how many Swiss bands in the Indie section popped up. A lot of them are just average musicians with average songs, a few of them are plain rubbish, but there’s also quite a few really good ones. So it shows that there IS an independent music scene bubbling in our small country. Now if only someone would tell that to the media bosses!!!

So I’m gonna start a little series here and present some of the – what I think – better bands from Switzerland to the whole, wide world, or at least to that whole, wide blogger community. If you like what you hear, let me know, and if you know any other Swiss bands that should be introduced to a bigger crowd, give me a shout… I might feature them in part II!

Zero In On
Indie-Rock; nothing too groundbreaking, but the singer has an interesting voice…
Official Site
Surrounding The Sea
Complicated (no, not an Avril Lavigne-cover!)

Autumn In May
Acoustic-Singer-Songwriter / Instrumental; a one-man-band with quite nice songs, the instrumental ones are especially beautiful!
Beyond Tears
Prisoner Of Silence
Everlasting Perfect
The Way She Said Go

Indie-Rock; one of the better-known indie bands in Switzerland. Already had some minor hits, and their songs really have international format!
Official Site
Headed For The Ocean
Ages Of Wonders

The Evpatoria Report
Experimental/Alternative; something for the long-song-lovers. Spherical and mystical soundscapes. You need to invest some time for these songs!
Official Site
Voskhod Project

Electronica/Pop/Lo-Fi; interesting stuff. Some of it could well be used as a movie soundtrack.
Official Site
Spring Air
Pollenflight Theme (Original)
Pollenflight (Toon And Mad Marshal RMX)

New Wave/Disco; the Swiss Killers. Roots can definitely be found in the 80ies, but nonetheless the songs sound very modern.
Official Site
The War Goes On
In Paris With You
My Heart Is Breaking


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