Net Collections

Peter has posted a few great songs from Chicago band Office. Check out the very catchy Wound Up.
Official Site
Wound Up (MP3)
Dominos (MP3)
Oh My (MP3)

Morten presents Bahnhof, another fine Danish act. Rock-Songs with an electronic touch; think Killers, Editors, Bravery and the likes. Quite good in its own right, though!
Official Site
Tanktop Girl (MP3)
The Eyes Of Ruby (MP3)

Kid of the 80ies? Then you’ll certainly remember Stars On 45. Lost In The 80’s has a very funny post about the band, and also provides downloads of their greatest achievements. Go and travel back in time!
Lost In The 80’s

Eardrums has discovered a new Norwegian band called Harry’s Gym. Their songs are quite fantastic. Cool and quirky, and a great voice! Do something for your ear muscles and visit this gym!
Official Site
Dance Dance Dance (MP3)
City Rats (MP3)
End #1 (MP3)

I’ve downloaded Rejoice by British band Vito a while ago, but it only popped up again today. Funny, because it’s a very fine tune I should have recognised earlier! Well, good things come to those who wait. Those other two songs are excellent as well, by the way…
Official Site
Rejoice (MP3)
Welcome The Lightning (MP3)
Arrested By These Phenomena (Edit) (MP3)

A Reminder posts the new solo-single by Manics-frontman James Dean Bradfield. Not too earth-shattering, me thinks…
A Reminder

… and now for something completely different:
if you scroll down this blog and look into my sidebar, you’ll come across this little thingy here:

It’s actually another blog-collector-site with a voting system. All you have to do is click on the eyes marked with the red arrow (don’t mind the ones below… 😀 ), and I might rise up in the ranking there. If you like to have one of those on your own blog, just visit, register and you’re ready to go. THANKS FOR VOTING!!!


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