A British Themed Flashback

I re-discovered my “Best Album In The World… Ever”-CDs today, and came across some great songs I haven’t heard in a while. Nice guy that I am, I’d like to share those great memories with you. So here’s a collection of some of the finest in British music. Enjoy!

Paul Weller – You Do Something To Me

Massive Attack – Teardrop

Dubstar – Stars

Bennet – Mum’s Gone To Iceland

Space – Female Of The Species

White Town – Your Woman

Ride – Something’s Burning

Happy Mondays – Step On

Lush – Ladykiller

Stone Roses – Love Spreads

Sleeper – She’s A Good Girl

Mercury Rev – The Dark Is Rising

Morrissey – Everyday Is Like Sunday

The Shamen – Ebeneezer Goode

Babybird – You’re Gorgeous

Suede – Animal Nitrate

Pulp – Sorted For E’s And Wizz

Ash – Kung Fu

Travis – Happy

Manic Street Preachers – Motown Junk

Ocean Colour Scene – The Riverboat Song

Mansun – Wide Open Space

Ahh… those were the days…


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