Saturday Ramblings

//Victimofabrokenstereo (or in short //voabs) has befriended me on MySpace yesterday, and I was quite taken in by the epic soundscapes this one-man-project offers. Here’s a mix of post-rock, ambient, electronica and experimental that captures the listener from the first notes, and hardly ever lets go again. An EP should be out sometime soon; in the meantime, you can get four songs for free. Especially Butterflies For Broken Codes is terrific!
Official Site
Butterflies For Broken Codes (MP3)
Untitled (MP3)
100 Bearhugs (MP3)
Uomo Del Stelle, L (MP3) (don’t worry about the disturbances in this song… it’s supposed to be like that! 😉 )

The Luxury are from Alston, Massachusetts, and their catchy, brit-influenced indie-pop is quite… well, catchy! Seven Stories doesn’t need to hide behind some of the popular Britpop-tunes of today. What do you think?
Official Site
Seven Stories (MP3)

Shattered Atom is an unsigned band from L.A. California, and their indie-pop with a touch of New Wave is quite appealing. Download two songs for free.
The One (MP3)
Seconds (MP3)

Quick music snack:
Cheviot Hoods – I Wanna Be A Cheviot Hood (MP3)

Dark Suns is a Prog-Rock/Metal band from Germany. Influenced by Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Pain Of Salvation and more, this sound like a very solid act. Definitely worth checking out!
Official Site
Patterns Of Oblivion (MP3)
Anemone (MP3)
Gently Bleeding (MP3)
Suffering (MP3)

The Moonbabies have released five Outtakes From The Orange Billboard, all available for free on their homepage. The Swedish band keeps on creating excellent pop tunes, and I highly recommend you listen to those wonderful new songs!!!
Official Site
In The Banshees (MP3) (brilliant!!!)
Just A Wobble (MP3) (equally great!)

Finally, visit Torr for some B-Sides from the Delays, and then check out Plague Of Angels‘ latest posting about one of the best British bands ever!!!


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