Catching Up

Time to reflect on what has been happening on various blogs and MySpace recently:

Steven Wilson‘s side-project Blackfield will release their second album soon. A first full song called Once is available via their MySpace-site. There’s also a preview of the 2nd album with song-snippets… sounds promising!
Blackfield – Once (MP3)
Blackfield – 2nd Album Preview (MP3)

Danish pop-act Cinnober has also put up a new EP. You can download three new songs, plus the older, wonderful ballad Fast Machine. As always, visit MySpace for the files.
Cinnober – Clockwise (MP3) sounds a bit björky… but pretty good!
Cinnober – Armies Of Distain (MP3)
Cinnober – Green Concorde (MP3)
Cinnober – Fast Machine (MP3)

Morten posted a few good songs by Danish act Late Night Venture recently. He has now found some older stuff (the band was then called Flying Virgins), and those songs are really great. Especially Lazy Star is fantastic, and it reminds me a bit of that Mew epic Comforting Sounds. And the best part: they’re all free! That’s how it should be, isn’t it?
Flying Virgins – Lazy Star (MP3)
Flying Virgins – How To Devour A Butterfly (MP3)
Flying Virgins – Tahoe Morning Diner (MP3)
Flying Virgins – Evil Fender (MP3)
Late Night Venture – Pay The Moon (MP3)
Late Night Venture Official Site

Yesterday, my Au4 CD arrived, and once again, I highly recommend that you listen to this music. You can stream the whole album via their official site… do it! Read my previous post about the band here.
Official Site

More new, great songs from MySpace:

Hewit – No Cancelations
Le Sport – Tell No One About Tonight (MP3)
The Bright Space – Suffocated By Sound (MP3)


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