The Best Of Movie Songs

The right song in the right scene is something that can make a movie unforgettable. Here’s a selection of my favourites:

Song: The Shins – New Slang (MP3)
From: Garden State
Scene: “This song will change your life”… ’nuff said!

Song: Helen Stellar – IO (This Time Around) (MP3)
From: Elizabethtown
Scene: Orlando Bloom’s character has a flashback to his childhood. He’s dancing through an empty house with his father; the lighting in this scene is just fantastic, and Helen Stellar’s song delivers the perfect musical background!

Song: Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
From: Shaun Of The Dead
Scene: Shaun and his friends bashing the pub-owner-turned-zombie with billiard queues… every stroke in perfect harmony with the song!

Song: Ewan McGregor – Your Song (MP3)
From: Moulin Rouge
Scene: one of the many, wonderful photographed love scenes… great voice for an actor!

Song: Aimee Mann – Wise Up (MySpace)
From: Magnolia
Scene: wonderful montage at the end with all characters singing along to the tune.

Song: Michael Andrews & Gary Jules – Mad World (MP3)
From: Donnie Darko
Scene: another great montage to sum up the film’s tragic ending… perfect!

Song: Monty Python – Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (MP3)
From: The Life Of Brian
Scene: probably the best use of a happy song in a movie!

Song: ABBA – Waterloo
From: Muriel’s Wedding
Scene: Muriel and her friend sing themselves to Karaoke-stardom while her bitchy mates beat the crap out of each other

Song: Stealer’s Wheel – Stuck In The Middle (MP3)
From: Reservoir Dogs
Scene: unlucky cop “lends” his ear to Mr. Blonde… ugly!!!

Song: Kenny Rogers & The First Edition – Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
From: The Big Lebowski
Scene: The Dude’s fantastic Bowling-daydream… a classic!

Song: Elton John – Tiny Dancer (MP3)
From: Almost Famous
Scene: the band gets back its lead singer after his crisis, drive on in the band bus and one after another, start singing Tiny Dancer… chilling!!!

Song: Team America – Montage (MP3)
From:Team America
Scene: well… during the montage which explains why you need a montage in every movie! 😀

Song: Underworld Feat. Ewan McGregor – Choose Life (MP3)
From: Trainspotting
Scene: the great opening setting the pace for the movie

What are your favourites?


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