Here’s A Stupid Dream

Porcupine Tree – Stupid Dream

No, I didn’t have any dreams last night (at least not ones I remember). But I’ve found a stupid dream in my mailbox today. It was another CD by Prog-Heroes Porcupine Tree. The 1999 album Stupid Dream was sold out for years, but – as it is with most of PTs older works – has now been remastered and re-released. Now when PT re-release an album, you can always expect great quality and a bunch of bonus materials; Stupid Dream is no exception here. The audio CD sounds perfect, and on the bonus DVD-A, you’ll find a 5:1-surround mix, Bonus-Tracks, videos, photos and more. So this is not just a cheap shot at making more money; it shows again that Steven Wilson and his lads really want to give their fans more than just music.

This is the first time I’ve been listening to Stupid Dream as a whole album (I’ve known most of the songs before), and again, it shows the sheer creativity of the band. It’s another beautiful journey through the musical mind of Steven Wilson, whose talent shines in every note. Of course he is supported by fantastic musicians, so it’s no wonder that Stupid Dream is once again a little masterpiece.

I’m sure I’m repeating myself here when I say that Porcupine Tree is today’s finest Prog-Rock-band. But even non-Proggies should take a listen to some of their songs; they might be surprised! Here’s that great opening track from Stupid Dream,

Even Less (MP3)

and the wonderful epic

A Smart Kid (MP3)

And to end this post, a live performance of the saddest Porcupine Tree-song ever:

Stop Swimming


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