Look At The Sound Of The Voice

Here are some thoughts about the different voices in music.

There are artist who work with tricks to give their voice a unique touch (no, I’m not talking about Crazy Frog!). With the use of a vocoder, these artist mix up their voice to make it sound almost mechanical… like robots trying to sing human style. Here’s a great example of that technique:

Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek

this is a trick that is often used by rock bands as well. It makes the voice sound distant, and it often elevates the real singing voice to a more powerful level. Hear how it works in these two songs:

Anathema – Closer
Porcupine Tree – Halo

and then there are artist that don’t need any technical help to sound veeery strange…

Björk – Hunter
Sigur Rós – Glosoli

I have a soft spot for high voices. When others already start to lift their eyebrows on high notes, I’m still enjoying it very much. I think it has something angelic. At least I wouldn’t mind if I’m going to find songs like these in heaven (if I’ll ever get there, that is… 🙂 )

Delays – Wanderlust
Mew – Mica
Moi Caprice – My Girl You Blush

There are some singers that can sing very high, but also sound like they’re cracking any minute. This is when it gets tricky. I can’t really say where my preferences lie here, but I can say that I don’t like the voice of Antony And The Johnsons very much (for a file see yesterday’s post), while I don’t have a problem with Muse’s Matthew Bellamy.

Muse – Sunburn (Acoustic)

Next up are some crystal-clear voices. To me, these two ladies sound perfect. Their tone is strong, but in the same way very fragile. Again, very angelic…

Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights
Emmylou Harris – A Love That Will Never Grow Old

Sadness is another feeling that some artists carry in their voices. These are the songs that instantly make you slow down in whatever you’re doing, and are great for reflecting those sad moments in your life. Nothing for suicide candidates though! Here are two good examples:

Lucky Jim – Lesbia
Johnny Cash – I Hung My Head

This already concludes the little excursion into voices. I might continue this somewhen in the future. Suggestions are welcome! And what other song would be more perfect to end this posting than this one?

Ultravox – The Voice


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