Floating Away…

I was just about to shut down my computer and go to bed when I received another MySpace-friend-request. Oh well, I thought, I’ll quickly check it out and then call it a day. That was about one hour ago. During that hour, I have been listening to the whole album from Canadian band Au4; I just couldn’t get away! Normally, I’m not too keen on “MySpace”-bands that don’t offer downloads (I just like to have that stuff with me on my MP3-player!), and I don’t often mention those bands here, but I just had to make an exception here. Yes, the music is that good!

On Audio, the groups full-length release, is an uplifting, ethereal trip through the rhythms of nature and the nature of dreams, mixing blissed-out ambience with melodic, fairytale songs. That’s what it says on their MySpace-profile, and I completely agree with that! Fans of Massive Attack, Air, Sigur Rós and the likes should be very pleased with Au4. I’ll definitely order On Audio, and I hope you’ll check out this great band, too! The full album is available for streaming on their official homepage.

Official Homepage


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