Short News

Morten has already mentionned them, but as they’re now my MySpace-friends as well, I’ll recommend them, too. Because the songs deserve to be heard. Manchester’s own Inhaler offers two really catchy tunes. If you’re into bands like The Killers, this could be for you!
Tranquilized (MP3)
Clinical (MP3)

Away Station is another new friend, based in Las Vegas. Yep, that’s where The Killers are from, but the music of Away Station is pretty different. Piano-driven indie rock, to be specific. Two very fine tunes can be downloaded at MySpace.
New York Romance (MP3)
Someday (MP3)

Old-fashioned pop/rock comes from Switzerland’s Michael Pluess & Band. If you’re tired of arty indie-rock and looking for some mellow tunes, you may just be in the right spot here. Download 4 tracks.
Can’t Get Enough Of You (MP3)
In My Mind (MP3)
You Remain (MP3)
Not Enough (MP3)

Another Swiss act is Slimboy, and their punk-pop is quite catchy. Nothing groundbreaking, but fun while it lasts. There’s also a stream of a cover-version of Blur‘s Girls And Boys.
Anthem (MP3)
Being Me (MP3)
Seaside (MP3)

And last but not least Leeds lads Vib Gyor have put up a new song on MySpace. It’s called Ultimatum, and it’s once again a brilliant piece of music. Highly recommended!!!
Ultimatum (MP3)


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