Tuesday Music Club

Seems that not only Keane are surprising us with unusual new sounds (read about Atlantic a bit further down). The first new single from Muse‘s next album popped up on various blogs. Supermassive Black Hole leaves everyone puzzled with its club beats and almost boyband-like chorus. I have to admit that after a few spins, I’m beginning to like it. I don’t think I’d like the whole new album to sound like this though. We’ll know more about that in two months time when Black Holes And Revelations finally comes out.

Ordered the album You Know by Swiss band Junes today. If you haven’t heard their brilliant single Memories yet, download it now! Review of the album following soon…
Junes – Memories (MP3)

After that, listen to Late Night Venture‘s song Pay The Moon. New Danish act that was once again recommended by Morten. Read more about the band on his blog.
Late Night Venture – Pay The Moon (MP3)

I’m also waiting for My Architect‘s album Grand Designs. Hope it’s as good as the singles I already know! Unfortunately, there’s still no downloads… 😦

The Entrusted is a new MySpace-friend, and they sound pretty good! Check out their works on MySpace (no downloads here, too… I hate when they do this!)

I saw Gazpacho a few years back as a supporting act for Marillion. I quite liked what I’ve heard, but somehow forgot about them completely. Now they’ve sent me a friend request on MySpace which I gladly accepted. Once again, I can’t really figure out why a band like this is still unsigned after all these years. More so as they have recorded three albums so far, and got very good critics all over. The world is full of strange riddles…
They also have lots of downloads for their fans to enjoy, and here are my favourites. Find some more on their Official site.
Orion Part I (MP3) (from Firebird)
Once In A Lifetime (MP3) (from Firebird)
Snowman (MP3) (from When Earth Lets Go)
Ghost (MP3) (from Bravo)
Sea Of Tranquility (MP3) (from Bravo) highly recommended!

And to end this posting, here are some various MP3s that I enjoy at the moment, and you might, too!

Sambassadeur – Kate

The Radio Dept. – A Window
IAmX – President
Levy – In The Woods
Lostocean – Douse The Choir
Otter Petter – Let Go

The Charade – Monday Morning
Tosibb – Paralyze


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