Friday’s Here, And I Feel Fine…

Archive will release their next album on May 22nd. It’s called Lights, and I’m not sure what to expect yet. The streams of the new songs on MySpace didn’t blow me away. I guess we’ll have to wait and see… and hear! In the meantime check out the microsite for Lights:

The video for Keane‘s opener of new album Under The Iron Sea has been released. The song’s called Atlantic, and I was pretty impressed when I listened to it for the first time. I wasn’t expecting something as experimental and dark from a band that brought us such happy tunes as This Is The Last Time and Somewhere Only We Know. And the video – shot by famous author Irvine Welsh – adds very much to that depressing tone. Under The Iron Sea will be released on June 12th, and my expectations have just been increased.
Watch the video for Atlantic here:
Stream 1
Stream 2

Today is Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ day, and I guess I’ll just go out and buy Stadium Arcadium, even with only knowing two songs so far. The fact that it’s a double album makes me think that there should be at least a good handful of decent tracks on it. And apart from that, I haven’t bought any new music in almost two weeks now, so it’s really time to feed my CD player again! 🙂

Motel De Moka tells us about a new song from Soul Asylum. Yes, the Runaway Train guys. Sometimes they come back, do they? And to be honest, the new song doesn’t sound too bad at all. So let’s wait and see what the future has in stock for those guys. Go visit the Moka Motel and listen to Stand Up And Be Strong.

The Lets-Kiss-And-Make-Up-Blog offers a live set from The Blue Nile. I still think that Let’s Go Out Tonight is one of the saddest songs ever written (and I mean that in a positive way!), and it also sounds great in this live version. There’s lots more songs to find on the blog, so make sure to get ’em while they’re there!

I don’t think I have mentionned My Architects here before. I don’t even remember where I’ve found them (probably MySpace or some blog), but I’ve really grown on their sounds over the last few weeks. If you’re into playful, melodic and sometimes epic indie rock, you should definitely check out this band!

Hope Of The States‘ new album Left will be released on June 19th. Just to remind you to go out and get it! 🙂

My CD dealer has just sent me a mail and let me know that finally, The Anatomy Of Pain by Danish band Salem has arrived! It has been over two months now since I’ve ordered this… good music comes to those who wait! 🙂
Read my thoughts on the album here soon.

Last but not least, éf, the Swedish Alternative-Experimental band, will release their album Give Me Beauty… Or Give Me Death somewhen during May. It is ready now for preorder on new record label And The Sound Records. What I’ve heard so far sounds great, so I guess the album will soon be mine…
Ett (MP3)
What If I Took The Wrong Turn (MP3)


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