Whilst crawling through The Hype Machine today, I have discovered a few classic songs that I think deserve to be played over and over again. So I have collected the various blog entries and now… present them to my dear readers! Hope they’ll bring back some nice memories to you!

First offering is one of my favourite tracks from Kate Bush. She just shines on The Man With The Child In His Eyes.
Found on: Timedoor (scroll down to question 11)

Next one is by The Specials. I haven’t heard Ghost Town for a long time until I rediscovered it in the soundtrack to that brilliant zombie-flick Shaun Of The Dead. The scene with the song was just brilliant, and Ghost Town will now be connected to that movie forever, which is not a bad thing after all…
Found on: The Runout Grove

Never been too much of a fan of Massive Attack, but I’ve always loved Unfinished Sympathy. The remix here is fine as well. And whilst you’re on the blog, also listen to that excellent remix of Peter Gabriel‘s classic Games Without Frontiers!
Found on: Comfort Music

Well, this one is probably not a classic yet, but I’m sure it has the potential to become one. Songs that give you an instant feeling of happiness are timeless, and who would know better than the Polyphonic Spree? Listen to Hold Me Now and smile!
Found on: Clever Titles Are So Last Summer

Back to a real classic! Reflections Of My Life by Marmalade is one of those oldies that I never get tired of. Probably because it doesn’t get that much radio time like lots of other songs from that era. Anyway, it still makes me sing along after all these years. Great one!
Found on: Last Night An MP3 Saved My Wife

Now dig out your dancing shoes! It’s wave-disco at its best with Gary Newman‘s Cars. Oh my… those were the days! 🙂 This is a great song (but Are Friends Electric still remains my favourite Newman tune!).
Found on: pogo a go-go

No need to introduce the next one. The Bangles wrote a monumental piece of music with Manic Monday, and will probably be remembered for this one forever. Fine with me… after all, it’s still a great tune! And if Sufjan Stevens likes it, why shouldn’t I?
Found on: The Torture Garden

A trip back to the good old days wouldn’t be complete with some of that 80ies glam-rock. Fortunately I’ve found one of the best tunes from back then. Here’s Def Leppard taking a Photograph… say CHEESE!!!
Found on: Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good

Is a nine year old song already entitled to be a classic? Hmm… I say yes! Think about Texas what you want, but Halo is just one of those perfect pop songs that could stand the test of time!
Found on: A Plague Of Angels

The perfect Pet Shop Boys classic would probably be West End Girls. It was the track that got me addicted to the band, and for years to come, I was buying almost everything they released. And one song that will always be in my heart is the beautiful Jealousy from their album Behaviour. After listening to that song now, I just need to dig out all my old vinyls and listen to those great mixes the boys have delivered!
Found on: Hits In The Car (West End Girls)
Found on: Caffeine-Headache (Jealousy)

I’ll leave you with one of those classic rock ballads that were brought to perfection in the 80ies. Before Aerosmith turned more commercial, they have written some very fine tunes, and Dream On is one of their best. Songs like these can easily go wrong and sound too cheesy, but thankfully this isn’t the case here. So close your eyes and dream on!
Found on: La Blogothèque (scroll down to Téléchargez)

I hope you have enjoyed this little time travel as much as I did. It shows that great songs will always turn up again, and if we keep that in mind, our future generations will be able to listen to them as well. And now let’s all kick that annoying Crazy Frog down into music hell!!!


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