No Voice, Please!

I quite like instrumental sounds. I have always been into film scores (probably this has something to do with my movie addiction…), and I have been confronted early in my life with the likes of Jean-Michel Jarré, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis and Alan Parsons, mainly through my brother. And today, I often get my share of instrumental music in Progressive Rock, as a lot of bands garnish their albums with long or short instrumental pieces inbetween the regular songs.

The reason I’m writing all this comes from Denmark. There’s an electronic musician – as he calls himself – named tWAMi. Frequent readers of my blog might know him already; he’s not only a solo artist, but also the keyboard player of Danish newcomers Anamia (check Morten‘s blog for infos about them). He has just released a new song, My Spanish Romance, and it sounds very good. Best of all: he offers most of his songs for free on his homepage, so everyone can enjoy them! Big TAK, tWAMi!

So go on and listen to these songs, even if you’re not much into instrumentals. Who knows… maybe you’ll find out that a good song doesn’t always need a voice. Also visit tWAMi‘s MySpace and leave some nice words.

Official Homepage
My Spanish Romance (MP3)
Ain’t About Rock (MP3
Peak Roller (MP3)


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