This And That…

The Monday Photo have a new song on MySpace. Listen to Fall here:
Excellent song, btw. One of the best songs that New Order never wrote!!!

Mew‘s video to the new single Zookeeper’s Boy can be seen on their homepage. Also listen to streams of the B-Sides there. And… only 24 days to go until the concert! 🙂
Video (Quicktime-Version)

MySpace-heroes Barfly are now called Bauer (missed the part where they explained why they’ve changed the name… not even sure if they did explain at all!). The music is still great, though. Anyway, new sites to be found here:

Did I already mention that you should check out Standing In The Right Place by fabulous band Belarus? Hear the song and watch the vid on MySpace… NOW!!!

Red Hot Chili Peppers offer their new single Dani California as a stream. Personally, I like the song. I’m a bit sceptical though if they really have enough good songs to fill a double album. Stadium Arcadium will be released on May 9th, so I guess I’ll know soon enough…

Australians Youth Group have now released a video to their excellent cover-version of Alphaville‘s Forever Young. Check it out, and if you’ve never heard of the band before, make sure you listen to the rest of the songs as well!

Probably a lot of blogs have already mentionned the Band Of Horses. But… it really doesn’t hurt if they get their share of words here as well. They made some pretty awesome tunes, and I guess their album will soon be in my collection.
The Funeral (MP3)


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