Back From The Deep

Another holiday over, and another great experience of the Maldivian underwater world… I had some excellent dives, and it might well be that some of the pics I made will show up on my picture blog soon… I’ll let you know!

Anyway, I’m back in business now, and that means a lot of catching up! First of all there were three new CDs waiting for me when I got back:

Secret Machines – Ten Silver Drops

Eagerly awaited second album from those Dallas lads. They’re still playing the mixture of 60ies psychodelia with a touch of modern indie rock, and what already worked well on their debut Now Here Is Nowhere, is no less fascinating on Ten Silver Drops. Great album, indeed!

Official Homepage
Lightning Blue Eyes (mov)

Calexico – Garden Ruin

Thanks to an internet leak, I was able to listen to the new album for a few weeks now. I started to like it, although it hasn’t reached the level of their masterpiece Feast Of Wire. But I can feel that with every spin, there are more and more details that really grow on me. There’s still a lot of that Tex-Mex-feeling to find here, but with introducing crashing guitars to their sounds, Calexico have made another step into diversity… suits them well!

Official Homepage
Cruel (MP3 by InSound)

Faunts – High Expectations / Low Results

I’ve already mentionned this Edmonton-based band before, and after listening to their album, I have to admit that they deserve the praises they’ve got on various blogs. There’s a bit of Sigur Rós in there, maybe a bit of Cure, a hint of Mogwai, but then it all blends so very well together that you don’t need to mention other bands… it all sounds rather unique, so I guess it’s alright that we just say it sounds like the Faunts. Check their homepage for songs.

Official Homepage

There has been a lot going on on the blogs, so I just need some time to listen through all the new stuff that’s waiting for me. I’ll let you know about the good ones!

And also on MySpace, there’s a whole bunch of new music going on. Until I’ve crawled through the news there, I’ll just leave you with my favourite discovery:


With comparisons to Snow Patrol, Athlete, Thirteen Senses, Crowded House, Rufus Wainwright and Radiohead, there’s hardly anything that can go wrong, and after listening to their brilliant debut single Standing In The Right Place, it is easy to imagine that this band could rise up to those famous names as well. It’s an instant sing-along-tune that won’t let you go for a while; there’s three more full songs on MySpace (stream only), and they all sound pretty awesome, too. Bring on the album, guys!!!

Official Homepage


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