More New Music…

tWAMiAin’t About Rock (MP3) / Peak Roller (MP3) / Underground Stroke (MP3)
Mentionned him yesterday. The keyboarder of Danish band Anamia creates instrumental songs, and they do sound pretty good.

Amber Smith – Identity
Got the album today, but have yet to listen to it. If this song is anything to go by, then it can’t be bad!

AnamiaTowards The Wind (MP3)
I like Towards The Wind; it’s a great indie tune, and everything is where it should be.

ConsequencesDon’t Hold Back (MP3)
hmmm… nice and happy tune, but probably not something for eternity…

Ehlers/ThejsenArt Of Loneliness (MP3) / Dozed Off (MP3) / Echoes In Sad Eyes (MP3) / Old Boys (MP3)
Mellow and laid-back singer/songwriter-pop from this Danish band. Very enjoyable. Someone get me a campfire!

The EmbassyIt Never Entered My Mind (MP3)
Found this on someone’s MySpace-site and thought it’s rather good. Swedish pop at its best.

EmbraceNature’s Law (E-Card)
First single from their next album. Sounds like Embrace should sound… epic and very uplifting. Not too much of a difference to the songs from Out Of Nowhere, their last album; but I liked that one, so no harm done, I guess.

I Love You But I’ve Chosen DarknessYour Worst Is The Best (MP3) / Fear Is On Our Side (MP3)
Came across this band a few weeks ago already, and since Peter mentionned them again in his blog, I have re-discovered them. Apart from the very cool band name, the songs sound rather good themselves!

My Architects – Under The Pines

Can’t remember where I’ve got those from, but it sounds very good!

SouthOut In A Day (MP3) / Supercede (MP3) / A Place In Displacement (MP3)
Like those new songs, especially A Place In Displacement… can’t get it out of my head!

The Silent ParadeMachines (MP3) / Undercurrents (MP3) (Highly recommended!) / Eyes Wide Open (MP3)
Excellent tunes from this Manchester band. Undercurrents is really beautiful!

The RaveonettesPlease You (MP3) / Bubblegum (MP3)
Already mentionned on my two buddy blogs, but the more, the merrier. 🙂


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