Crawling Through New Music…

As my news folder grows larger and larger, it’s time to listen to all that new stuff again… here we go:

David Gilmour – Where We Start / Smile
The “Voice And Guitar Of Pink Floyd” has just released a new solo album. Critics were mixed; most of them thought it was a bit too laid back. Well, if these songs are anything to go by, they might just be right. It’s nice, though, but maybe doesn’t work if the rest of the album sounds like this as well…

E.Z. BasicNice 1 (MP3) / You Never Learn (MP3)
Like Amber Smith, this band hails from Hungary. Like Amber Smith, this sounds pretty good. And like Amber Smith, this band was brought to me by Peter! 🙂 Nice 1, indeed!

AnamiaThe Mouse Is The Great Man (tWAMi Remix) (MP3)
Have listened to that EP I’ve got only once so far; too early to come up with a final verdict. This remix here does sound really good though; it was mixed by the band’s keyboarder who’s releasing his own songs under the name tWAMi. I have yet to hear those songs, and you can get them at Morten‘s place…

All Mighty Whispers – Winter Love / Heaven Have Me Now / Love Revolution (MP3) / Mighty Whispers (MP3) / Spiritual (MP3)
This sounds good… molotov recommended this band and mentionned Air, Trembling Blue Stars and Mercury Rev as soundalikes. Yeah, I can agree with that; good stuff!

The Seven Mile JourneyThrough The Alter Ego Justifications (MP3) / In An Eight Track Universe (MP3)
Found this Danish band on MusicOMH’s “unsigned guide” series. They’re playing atmospheric post-rock, and if you’re into longer and epic songs (like me), then this could well be something to look out for.

Fathom 5Conflict Station (MP3) / Bless (MP3) / Then The Sun Hit (MP3) / Nothing Lasts (MP3)
it’s getting a bit darker now… memories of the 80ies-New Wave-aera are coming up. Sounds interresting. My favourite must be Nothing Lasts.

The MadeleinesRosalia (MP3) / The Sure Thing
Two new songs, now brand-new for your downloading pleasure at MySpace!

The Guillemots – Blue Would Still Be Blue / Who Left The Lights On, Baby? / Woody Brown River
I’m really starting to like this band. The more songs I hear, the better they get… looks like I need to take care of that album soon… For the songs, head over to m3 online.

FauntsWhat I’d Love To Hear You Say (MP3)/ Memories Of A Place We’ve Never Been (MP3)/ Instantly Loved (MP3)
This is some good stuff! Found it on Some Velvet Blog, and this Edmonton band really has something. Mellow sounds with swirling guitars. Listen to it!

JenifereverYou Only Move Twice (MP3) / The Sound Of Beating Wings (MP3) / For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky (MP3)
A bit of Múm, a bit of Sigur Rós, and a spoonfull of Trip Hop, and you have Jenniferever. Nice!

Kind Of GirlPoetry Boy (MP3) / Slave To Your Charms (MP3) / Watch In Wonder (MP3) / If You Say (MP3)
If anyone says a band sounds a bit like Mew, there’s no stopping me in listening to that band. And I do agree with Morten that some of the songs (Poetry Boy especially) have some hints of those Danish heroes. Well, no wonder that Kind Of Girl are from the same country!

Hope to continue tomorrow…


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