They Keep Coming…

Delays – You See Colours

The eagerly awaited (at least by me!) second album by Southhampton’s Delays has arrived and is spinning in my CD player right now. I already fell in love with the first single Valentine (which comes in a slightly different version here) and the two songs Carnival (named You And Me on the album) and Take Your Heart From Your Sleeve (now Winter’s Memory Of Summer) that leaked into the internet a few weeks ago. So how does the rest fit in with those already excellent songs?

They surely don’t disappoint. You See Colours is a poppy, funky and stylish mix of mostly uptempo songs, with only the last song Waste Of Space being a real ballad. I don’t really know what it is with these Delays-songs, but somehow I always feel happy and positive when I listen to them. It was the case with their debut Faded Seaside Glamour, and it is the same again with You See Colours. Maybe it’s the wonderful falsetto voice of singer Greg Gilbert or their talent to create those irresistible and catchy melodies. Be it that or something else: You See Colours pursues the tradition of the debut album and delivers another bunch of those feel-good songs. Mission accomplished, boys!

Btw.: if you visit their official site, make sure you listen to the brilliant instrumental version of Valentine playing in the background! Unfortunately, there are no clips of the new album on the site, but you can watch the video for Valentine by clicking here (Windows Media).


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