Playing Soon On A Stereo Near Me

There are four albums that I’m eagerly awaiting in the near future, and as it is, a few new songs from these albums slipped into the Net. I’m expecting all four albums to be veeeeeeery good, and those songs surely don’t change that expectation. But listen for yourself:

Four Day Hombre – Experiments In Living

This album will be released on March 13th in the UK. Hopefully, it won’t take amazon too long to deliver my copy. has posted their brilliant single The First Word Is The Hardest. Could well be that this is the album that Coldplay should have released instead of X&Y

iLiKETRAiNS – ???

No release day yet, but a new single called Terra Nova is on the way. I don’t know if The Last Day Of Winter is a newer one as well, but it’s great as it is. Thanks again to for that one! Oh, and there’s a live-version of Terra Nova on their MySpace-Site!

The Secret Machines – Ten Silver Drops

already released on iTunes (which I don’t use), and available for us CD-Buyers on April 3rd. The follow-up to Now Here Is Nowhere promises more spheric sounds. Various blogs have new songs:

Stereogum has Lightning Blue Eyes
Motel De Moka has Faded Lines
Musicisnotdead has Alone Jealous And Stoned
Last Sound Of Summer has 1000 Seconds and Lightning Blue Eyes

Hope Of The States – Blood Meridian / Left

There’ll be an EP and a new album from Hope Of The States soon; the EP Blood Meridian is out on April 3rd with the album Left following in June. Torr has posted two new songs, Blood Meridian and Under The Wires (which is the B-side to this first new single). Sounds damn promising!!!


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