Not Your Average Male Voice

Jeff Hanson

Seems like it’s singer/songwriter-week for me. Today, the second, self-titled album from American Jeff Hanson arrived. I remember when I’ve heard the song I Know Your Name for the first time: I thought this girl has a lovely voice, and just assumed that Jeff Hanson must be a band name. I found some more songs after that and began to wonder who was behind that name.

So I found out that Jeff Hanson is not only not a band, but in fact a male singer from Minnesota. I was pretty surprised, and the fact that it’s not a girl singing here makes his voice even more unique. It’s not only the voice though that makes this album a very pleasant listening experience. The songwriting itself is very beautiful and matches the voice perfectly. For most parts, it’s a quiet album to enjoy with maybe a good glass of red wine, but there’s also some uptempo songs that make you tap along. Something for everyone, you could say.

If you want to be amazed by Jeff‘s voice, too, I suggest you listen to a few of his free available songs and check out his official website or his MySpace for more information.
Hiding Behind The Moon (MP3)
This Time It Will (MP3)
Just Like Me (MP3)
This Time It Will (MOV)


I’ve also received a 6-track-EP from Danish band Anamia today, thanks to Morten. I’ll write a bit about them once I’ve had a proper listen to the songs. For now: thanks, DanCon! 🙂


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