Friday Thoughts

Mighty Six Ninety
if you’re on the lookout for catchy pop/rock-melodies, don’t look any further than Mighty Six Ninety. Over the last few weeks, more and more blogs wrote about this band, and once you’ve heard the songs, it is perfectly clear why MSN (not to be confused with that thing from Mr. Gates!) are the new darlings. This is another band to look out for in the future!

if you’re into big, pompous and glorious movie sounds, you should check out this Danish band. Whilst listening to those songs, you can immediately imagine a movie running before your eyes. There are big feelings here, but the band always manages to keep it real and not pathetic. Really worth a bit of your time!
(Excellent Website!!!)

The Fallout Trust
Somewhen last year, I came across When We Are Gone by a band called The Fallout Trust. I liked the song, but sooner or later, it disappeared into the depths of my MP3-collection. Last week, the band has released their debut album, and it got quite good critics all over. So my interest was sparked again, and after hearing the songs on their homepage, I must admit that here’s a collection of very good tunes, and the album will probably land in my collection soon.

Amber Smith
another song from last year that I quite liked, but forgot about later, was Hungarian band Amber Smith‘s Rusty Willoughby. The band has now released a new album, and Peter seems not to get enough of it. And yes, he’s probably right about that. The few songs I’ve heard so far are really, really good. I won’t go so far and already call it album of the year, but then I haven’t heard it in whole. But it surely made me curious enough to hear more from Amber Smith, and so I’ve placed another order with my CD-Dealer! (not the band site, but nice to look at, too! 😉 )

Helen Stellar
IO (This Time Around) was one of my favourite tunes last year, and know they have finally put the song up on MySpace to download. If you haven’t already, get this wonderful piece of music now!

Apparently, MySpace seems to have some problems at the moment… I can’t neither log in nor play songs by any artist. Therefore, no direct links to songs; but I guess you’ll work your way through once the system’s up and running again…

And… thanks to Morten and Peter once again for lots of tipps, and lots of work! 😉


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