And Some More Thoughts…

The Madeleines

just came across this London band via MySpace. Pretty cool and catchy pop tunes they deliver. Nothing new, really, but fun while it lasts. Listen to their new singles Safety Net and Trouble on MySpace, and download two more songs there.

Hope Of The States

The HOTS are back! They will release an EP with new songs in April, followed by a brand new album somewhen in June. I loved their debut album (I still do!), and I think it’s about time for them to release new material. There’s only some clips of the new songs on their homepage, and their MySpace-site looks pretty deserted… maybe that’ll change with the release of the new album!


I don’t think I’ve written about Iko before (I might have mentionned their wonderful ballad Hologram already), so it’s time to do it now. Iko is the new band of former Buffseeds-singer Kieran Scragg, and they are about to release their debut album I Am Zero this month. The three songs available on their MySpace-Site (only Hologram is a full MP3 though!) hint at a wonderful experience of laid-back sounds. I suggest you listen at least to Hologram and keep your eyes and ears open for this band… I will!


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