Sweden’s Finest

No, this will not be a posting about ABBA (although I admit they’re very fine too… 🙂 ). This is about Kent, probably Sweden’s best rock band.

Kent was formed back in 1990 by singer Joakim Berg and gitarrist Sami Sirvio, two schoolmates. Soon enough, drummer Markus Mustonen, bassist Martin Skold and second gitarrist Martin Roos joined in, and so the success story began. 4 years later, BMG Sweden signed the band, and the first, self-titled album, was released. Roos quit the band, and old friend Harri Manty replaced him. With the release of Verkligen in 1996, the band was finally noticed by a wider audience in Sweden. The melancholic rock sound soon became the trademark of the band, and with heavy touring through Sweden, the fanbase grew bigger and bigger.

In 1997, Isola was released and became the first No.-1-Album for Kent in Sweden. They took home various Swedish grammies, and only one year later, the English version of Isola was released not only in their home country, but also in England. With the release of Hagnesta Hill in 2000 – again in both Swedish and English language – the band scored another No. 1 in Sweden and added some more grammies to the collection, and their fanbase now spread all over Europe.

It was after that that Kent decided to record only in their mother tongue again, and in 2002, Vapen & Ammunition was released, followed by their latest offering Du Och Jag Döden in 2005, both of them very successful. The albums also sold very well in other European countries, despite the obvious language barrier. Which brings me to the reason I’ve started this posting in the first place:

Thanks to DanCon Morten, I’m now in the possession of the Swedish versions of Verkligen, Hagnesta Hill, Isola and Vapen & Ammunition. I had the two English albums already, but I must admit that after listening to the original versions, I even rate them higher than I did before! The fact that I don’t understand a word of what they’re singing is not really a drawback; actually it’s quite the contrary. The songs are much more lively and authentic.

Morten regards Kent as the best band in the world, and I can easily see why. Or, better said, I can hear why. All four albums are excellent (and Du Och Jag Döden is as well, although I had my reservations at first), and anyone interrested in music should at least listen to one of the albums by Kent… even better, listen to all of them! You won’t regret!!!

Kent Official Homepage
Kent @ MySpace


Tomorrow, I’ll be flying over to London again for a couple of days. Expect the next posting someday next week when I’ll write about my newest attainments! 🙂


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