Lost In The Beauty Of Norway

Delaware – Lost In The Beauty Of Innocence

About three years ago, Norwegian band Delaware released their debut album …And Everything Reminds Me. It was one of my favourite albums in 2003, and it hasn’t lost any of its magic after all these years. 2006 marks the return of the band as their follow-up, Lost In The Beauty Of Innocence, is released.

So how do they sound? I’m happy to say that they haven’t lost their ability to create those powerful and melancholic rock songs that I loved so much on their debut. They still sound fragile and desperate, but never really sad or hopeless. Richard Holmsen‘s voice is as great as ever and adds so much to the songs. First thing I’ve noticed is that the sound is now much heavier than on the debut; there are guitar riffs all around, but those addictive and catchy melodies never get lost in them. Add some nice, heartbreaking ballads, and you get an album that you might play over and over again…

Critics for this album are a bit mixed; some love it and get lost in the beauty of the songs, some think it’s a bit shallow and pretends to be something it isn’t. I think Delaware have delivered a worthy second album; they have done a great job in adding just more power to their songs and basically not changing what they were good at in the first place!

Delaware Official Homepage
Delaware – Loss (MP3) From Lost In The Beauty Of Innocence
Delaware – Always (Demo) (MP3) From …And Everything Reminds Me


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