Oh Canada…

Pilate – Caught By The Window

I came across Pilate via MySpace recently. Although there are only three songs to stream there, they were good enough to have me order the album. And just a few days later, Caught By The Window arrived.

The main influences of Pilate are obvious; I was more than once reminded of a young Bono and early Coldplay works. And if you check the reviews for the album, it seems that I’m not the only one who’s got that impression. So, you might ask, another U2-clone then? And here’s where it starts to show that there’s much more to this Canadian band than it might seem in the first place.

First of all there’s Todd Clark; the New Zealand-born singer really shines on this album, guiding his voice steadily through all the songs. The hints of Bono or sometimes even Thom Yorke might be notable, but are never taking over.

And then there’s the songwriting. The album has Big Feelings written all over it. Someone compared it to Coldplay’s Parachutes, and to some point, I can agree with that. There are catchy uptempo-songs, melancholic ballads, but other than on Parachutes, the over-all feeling remains much more positive (at least I get the feeling it does…). And then there’s Alright, which could well be Yellow, Part II. Some would say it’s only a rip-off, but I have to say that it is a damn fine tune that has a right to be heard without prejudice! Make up your own opinion though; the song is available for streaming on MySpace.

I have been listening to Caught By The Window a few times now, and I really like it. There will be a new album out somewhen in April (a new single is already up on MySpace), and if Pilate manage to keep the standard this high, it could well be another great release!

Pilate Official Homepage

Pilate @ MySpace

… a bit of statistics:

I just came across some blog statistics published by Technorati. They found out that there’s 75’000 new blogs each day, and the total number of blogs doubles each 5.5 months. There are 27.5 million blogs registrated with Technorati, and about half of them are still active bloggers after 3 months of their opening. 2.7 million blogger post at least once a week.

So what do we learn? WE’RE NOT ALONE!!!! 🙂


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