More News On New Bands

Morning Runner

Just a few days ago, I wrote about the release date for this band’s debut album, Wilderness Is Paradise Now. So today, I’ve got a message on MySpace and was offered to spread the word again, and even better, include two songs for your listening pleasure. Thanks to Talia, great stuff!!!

So here they are. You might already know Work which was – I believe – the first single and also the one that got me hooked to Morning Runner. I still think it’s an excellent tune! Second one is Punching Walls which will enter your mind instantly and refuse to leave again. Another great song, and now I’m quite sure that this debut won’t disappoint me! Remember, March 6th is the release date. So enjoy those songs, visit the guys on MySpace and support this great new act!

Morning Runner – Work (MP3)
Morning Runner – Punching Walls (MP3)
Morning Runner Official Site
Morning Runner @ MySpace

The Guggenheim Grotto

I have also written about this band just a few days ago, and today, I’ve found their debut album Waltzing Alone in my mail. First of all, I was really surprised by the packaging. The CD comes in a very nice, red leathery digipack with a silver embossing. And the inside isn’t less spectacular: first there’s some text about CD packaging, then there’s a short comic based on the lyrics of Ozymandias; following are the lyrics to all of the songs, and after that, the band members share their thoughts about each song. So there’s a packaging that not only looks good on the outside, but also has lots to offer on the inside!
Musically, the band doesn’t disappoint either! During my first listening session, bands like The Beatles, Crowded House, Travis and Simon & Garfunkel came to my mind. Great, mellow ballads and uplifting pop-melodies make for a very enjoyable mix, and the songwriting is excellent as well. I once again advise you to check out this great band, listen to those songs on their homepage and accept that Ireland has so much more to offer than U2 and Guinness!

The Guggenheim Grotto – A Lifetime In Heat (MP3)
The Guggenheim Grotto – Portmarnock Beach Boy Blue (MP3)
The Guggenheim Grotto Official Homepage
The Guggenheim Grotto @ MySpace


A few weeks ago, Morten posted some songs of this band that he found on MySpace. As always, I’ve downloaded those songs to my newsfolder, and there they laid waiting for me to be discovered. So when I was walking around town with my headphones on last weekend, Unbreakable came on. I had to stop immediately and check what band that was, and since I knew I had some more songs of Barfly, listened to those as well. I was really surprised how good they all were. Back home, I checked their homepage and MySpace and found lots and lots of other songs, all of them very good! Their main influences are – as they write on their homepage – bands like New Order, The Smiths, Talk Talk, Richard Ashcroft, The Stone Roses, Depeche Mode, Brian Wilson, Morrissey, John Lennon, Delays, Puressence, Elbow, and I can completely agree with that. But already do the Barfly songs have their very own style, and if you don’t believe it, I suggest you check them out for yourselves. There’s enough songs to choose from! 🙂

Barfly – Don’t You Move (MP3)
Barfly – Unbreakable (MP3)
Barfly – Indian Sign (MP3)
Barfly @ MySpace
Barfly Extra @ MySpace
Barfly Official Homepage


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