Blog Crawlings

Here’s some good stuff I’ve discovered on my weekly Blog-Crawl:

Darkdose has been the winner this week! With his posting of that wonderful song Orion by Rodrigo Y Gabriela, he really has made my day. This is an absolutely gorgeous track! I remember listening to a few songs of these two guitar heroes a few months ago, but wasn’t quite overwhelmed then. But Orion has done it! It makes me wanna have their album and listen to more beauties like that. I’ll have to wait until March though for the release, but this is a definitive must-have!

Rodrigo Y Gabriela Official Site
Rodrigo Y Gabriela @ MySpace (listen to Orion there as well)

Gorilla Vs. Bear (and several others) have posted a wonderful cover version of Death Cab For Cuties’ Soul Meets Body. The artist is one Rose Polenzani, from whom I’ve never heard anything before. Her version of SMB is absolutely wonderful, and I think it would be a good thing to check out her other songs as well. Lots of them on her official page and on MySpace.

Rose Polenzani – Soul Meets Body (MP3)
Rose Polenzani Official Site
Rose Polenzani @ MySpace

Torr (and several others again) have the new Morrissey song I Will See You In Far Off Places. Good one, I think. Has something special to it. Well… best is you listen to it yourself!

Morrissey – I Will See You In Far Off Places (MP3)

Bradley’s Almanac is offering a whole concert from Brit-Pop-Heroes Lush. Go and get it while it’s there!

A Boy And His Blog has a great new single from The Secret Machine‘s next album Ten Silver Drops. Alone Jealous & Stoned is an excellent one, and it makes me wanna have that new album… now!!!

The Secret Machines – Alone Jealous & Stoned (MP3)
The Secret Machines Official Site
The Secret Machines @ MySpace

And as always, it’s a good thing to visit Morten and Peter‘s blogs. Always lots of good stuff to find there.


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