The Return Of The Delays

One of my favourite albums of 2004 was Faded Seaside Glamour by the Delays (and yes, the “the” still is not a part of the band name! 😉 ). And I can still feel my mood raise when I listen to songs like Nearer Than Heaven or Wanderlust. Last year they released a “between-the-albums”-single, Lost In A Melody, and that one made me long for a new album even more. So today – thanks to the fabulous blog of Torr – three songs from the new album You See Colours popped up. You can check out the video to the first single Valentine by clicking here, and then visit Torr for the other two brilliant singles Carnival (don’t be confused by the high voice intro… it gets better!) and Take Your Heart From Your Sleeve. I’m already loving all three songs, and I’m now even more looking forward to March 6th when the album will officially be released!

And if you want to know how The Killers could sound without the synthies, you should check out Commercial Breakdown by unknow band Sunshine Underground. Kudos again to Torr for discovering this one!
There’s another MP3 free to download here:
Put You In Your Place


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