Babble Babble…

London 5-piece Yeti is hotly tipped as a major breakthrough act of this still young year. And after listening to the songs on their homepage, it is easy to see (or hear!) why. Here’s a band that knows how to write quirky and catchy poprock-songs that you just can’t resist! Yeti was formed by Libertines-bassist John Hassal, but doesn’t sound like just another copy of Pete Doherty‘s playground… this here is much more laid-back, and the Beatles-esque touch also helps in giving the tracks that special something. Yeti won’t be the saviours of rock music, nor will they define a new genre, but I’m quite sure that they’ll make their impact in the British music scene this year. I for myself am really looking forward to hear more of these guys! I’ve been humming along to The Last Time You Go all day!!! 🙂

Yeti Official Homepage
Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder (MP3)
Merry Go Round (MP3)
The Last Time You Go (MP3)
Changing Ships (MP3)
Midnight Flight (MP3)

I’ve added the first CD to my collection this year:

A-Ha – Analogue

First impression: not too bad at all. Some songs already stuck, others just flew by. Definitely needs some more spins.

Morten and Peter have been posting lots and lots of new songs over the last few days. Downloading them is one thing, but to give them a proper listen… well, that’s another story! I’m sure there are some great ones among them, and I hope to find some time soon to check them all out. And to you two guys: go on a holiday or get busy and give us a break here!!! 😉


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