yes, I’m still here… pretty busy at work, so hardly any time to update this blog. Really looking forward to those Christmas holidays!

For now, here’s what’s been going on lately:

– the Saga concert last Thursday was pretty cool! For a band that has been around for such a long time, it’s great to see that they still enjoy what they’re doing. And they’re doing it good! Their synthie-art-rock might be a bit outdated, but you can’t deny that they still know how to handle their instruments. As I mentionned before, a DVD was recorded that evening, and I’m eagerly awaiting the release which will be next year. And by the way: my brother-in-law really liked the surprise, so: Mission accomplished! 🙂

– yesterday, I’ve received to CD-R’s of “a band with two names”, The Jolly Rogers and Oh No! Oh My! As far as I know, they had to change from the Jolly Rogers to Oh No! Oh My! because the name had already been taken by another band. Anyway, for the almost symbolic price of around 2.50 Euros, you can get two CDs of either band, and not only is this a real bargain, but the songs are really worth listening to. Some of them remind me of Of Montreal, others have almost a touch of The Arcade Fire (but thankfully not voice-wise!). To sum it up: this here is probably the cheapest way this year to get two great CDs (unless you rather decide to step over the law, that is! 😉 ), so I suggest you check this band out, listen to some of their songs and use the leftover change from your Christmas shopping to support these lads. It’s your choice!

Official Site
Oh No! Oh My! – A Walk In The Park
Oh No! Oh My! – Jane Is Fat

Eardrums (a great blog you should visit on a regular basis!) has posted a new song by Norwegian band Delaware. I loved their debut album …And Everything Reminds Me and I am really looking forward to a new album. Good to hear that they’ll release just that early next year! I like the new song, and hope they’ll be able to deliver another great album!

Delaware Official Homepage
Delaware – Loss

also make sure you check out the other songs Eardrum has posted; I bet you’ll find something you like!

– still working hard on my Best-Of-2005-list. But I can finally see the tunnel at the end of the light (first one to name the song I’ve nicked that saying from get’s a free greeting from me! 🙂 ), so expect the list to pop up here in the next few days…

– heard two new songs from the latest INXS-album. Seems like they have found a worthy new singer. Just a hint of Michael Hutchence in his voice, and enough talent to be a very good singer on his own. And to be honest: what can go wrong with a name like J.D. Fortune? 🙂
I really liked what I’ve heard… let’s see what the rest of the world thinks!

– listen to the wonderful song The Only Healer by Swedish band Thirdimension. Do it! Really!!!

Thirdimension – The Only Healer
Thirdimension Official Homepage


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