Helen Stellar… Again!

Yesterday, my three Helen Stellar-EPs finally arrived (see blog entry from Nov. 15th). I have been listening to them a few times now, sadly only at the office which means I couldn’t really concentrate on details. But there were moments when I had to stop work and listen to what’s playing in the background.
My overall feeling is that there’s great potential in this band. It’s a good mix of guitar-driven hymns and laid-back, sometimes almost spherical pop-rock songs. Some of the songs go straight into the ear, and some of them need more time, but I couldn’t say that I’ve discovered a bad one on these three CDs!
I really like the singer’s voice; it suits the songs perfectly, and he’s able to deliver the rockier songs just as good as the slower ones. Can’t think of any similarities to other singers… maybe a small hint of Alan Parsons on some songs.
The three Eps give a good outlook on a fresh, new band and raises hopes for future releases. I can imagine that the band is able to produce a real epic CD some time; if they can put the right songs together and create that special atmosphere that some of the songs here already have, everything is possible!

In the meantime, check out their songs on the following homepages:

Helen Stellar Official Website
You Glow From Within (MP3)
Panic Attack At Breakfast (MP3)
The Opening Credits (MP3)
Helen Stellar’s MySpace


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