…And Another Surprise!

The Tides

Completely forgot about that. Just recently, I came across that song from a band called The Tides which I have never heard of before. But since I really liked that song, I did some research and found the band’s website, and also registered myself to their mailing list. So today I found a little envelope in my mail box, and in it was a 3-track-promo CD from The Tides. Nice one, guys… thanks!
During my research, I have found some more songs of the band, and they are very good. I somehow was reminded of another band, but I just couldn’t figure out of whom Liam Pennington – the singer – reminded me. It was only today that I’ve seen the list of bands that The Tides have supported on tour so far, and then it was clear: the Bluetones! Yes, those guys with Slight Return, still one of my favourite Brit-Pop-Hymns. No wonder I like The Tides then! 🙂 Apart from the Bluetones, they have also been on the road with Kasabian, The Fall and Puressence, and it seems they have built up quite a good reputation.
I highly recommend to listen to those songs available, and maybe send the guys a message as well. I really hope to hear more from The Tides in the near future!

The Tides (Official Site)
The Tides @ MySpace
Broken Souls (Fansite With Some Downloads)

by the way… the song that made me look deeper into the band is You’ll Never Change! 😉


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